The life of Pi(llow)

The movie I saw on an airplane after the book I red in India. I liked both. My husband did not. But my imagination is big and I love to escape in my own world, so it fitted me. The same with this pillow, this little write up is about the life of this Pi(llow). … Continue reading The life of Pi(llow)

Fabricated forest

Living the simple life, far off and working the land hard needs to be counterbalanced. What's better than a tour by own powered strenght and... embroidery. Here, 'Fabricated forest' was made.

Nature is slow, and so am I

Nature is soothing, therefore traveling is an excellent escape. Together the two make for good creativity. And embroidery is small to pack, handy to take along and satisfying to work on.

Finished: Pouch made from Animal Hairs

The finished pouch Paraguayan Pride. It was a pleasure working on it. I did so in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. I finished it in Argentina and always worked on it in stealthy camp spots. That's why it is a bit dirty. But I think that only ads to the artwork of a contemporary nomad. The … Continue reading Finished: Pouch made from Animal Hairs

Do I need to change things?

De webshop verkoopt nog niet. Misschien heeft het tijd nodig? Een publiek ook. Of misschien moet ik veel meer online en Wi-Fi optimaal benutten om dit aan de man te brengen? Liever ben ik daar niet mee bezig. Maar misschien zijn de ontwerpen nog niet helemaal bruikbaar, afgezien van een of twee. Dit ontwerp is er … Continue reading Do I need to change things?