Even in the cold

You did subscribe to a blog about embroidery and that might seem odd, as there is not all that much to tell or talk about. At least not in a way that is grabbing the attention of any reader. Except maybe on a rainy day where one becomes bored at the end of it.

Being bored is something I can talk little about. A creative mind is often being busy, either with a project, a technique to figure out or an entirely new form of creativity. It also happens regularly that I am having too much inspiration and can not focus. Now, I want to show you that embroidering is not totally boring to talk about, because the places where I am creative are a story worth itself.

I started to embroider on my cycling trip that lasted for 5 years and I keep feeling a great desire to create beauty, to be in a beautiful surrounding and to push aside as much as possible non sensible ‘things’. A new short blog post is here to read, enjoy.

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Trying to be self-sustainable in the countryside of Hungary: weeds and wild, tours and talent included

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