Fabricated forest

While looking at the pouch the name came very quickly. Before I was settled I’d name a pouch after the place I created it but that would be not so inspirational nowadays.

I find it next to impossible to go anywhere else than the forests within Hungary. I am still so hooked to my vegetable garden that I want to learn about growing and nurturing plants. Not frantically so but still rather obsessed for some others who view life in a less natural way.

The countries bordering Hungary do have a strong pull on me yet they’d have to wait and I am sure they will. In May I managed to wander about for 10 days, with a quiet and disentangled state of mind. This piece of hand dyed cotton was embroidered.

Up to now I push my kickbike through the forests of Hungary, where I love to think that I am depended on my bush craft skills. I make fires and cook to my heart desire and I wash laundry in the creek, letting it dry on a branch. All the little things I repeat as when I cycled the world for 5 years, except now I can take copious amounts of time to focus more in detail.

Though the forests in Hungary are all man made, I choose the title to be ‘fabricated’ instead of ‘man made’ and come to think of it, it matches the ao po’i design: I can see simplistic trees in the technique originating from Paraguay.

Pouch Fabricated forest € 25 is ready to be send out

There is more you can do with goldenrod, the plant I colored this pouch with

The full post can be seen on cyclingcindy

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