The very beginning

I had a tangible need to be creative also while I traveled. First as a solo backpacker (eg. Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, India) with pencils and later as a solo cyclist (Europe, Africa, Middle East, South America). I found threads and some fabric the best choice to release the creativity.

My atelier

An old barn, probably for a cow, perhaps a donkey or a small working horse. Barns tend to be dark and I had to move things around to get the best possible set up. The main issue was to get enough light. Only in summer when the small wooden doors can be opened, I have natural light.

The antlers were here when we arrived. They are incredible heavy and I appreciate them knowing that a deer carries them on their head like it is a mere crown.

The feeding trough is still in place, as quite some other old features, which I absolutely love.

Work in progress

Preferably I embroider outside. Embroidery started for me at campspots while cycling the world. It became the most pleasant thing to do upon waking up and also to end another exciting day full of impressions.

My 10 favorite places to embroider


To stuff pillows and coasters, to dye cotton and for embroidery.

I like to use natural material for dyeing that is also edible. This is not always working out yet other times, in the process of deriving a color, I might use the seeds.

Dyeing material that is also edible

Materials that are rather unusual