I am Cindy, a creative traveler who has setteled down and now into learning more about the nature surrounding me. Are you new on this page and want to know more? You could start here : )

Would you like to stay updated, about the embroidery work I do, the outdoor trips and stealth camping journeys, the pouches I sell or perhaps to know more about dandelion root coffee or anything else natural. I try to find out natural material with which I can dye and use as an edible supplement. Keep updated to find out more. You can subscribe to my blog (see at the end of this post).

When I was a full time traveler, a contemporary nomad, I was unable to express my artful skills other than, as it turned out, embroidery. I tried crayons and aquarel but it did not suit me.

My first embroidered piece of fabric was none other than simply that: a piece of fabric. I could hang it to the wall, commented a Bolivian restaurant owner, but I don’t have walls in a tent nor did I want to make a house my home for very long (until perhaps a point in the future – which did happen, about 5 years later). What other thing could I do with a piece of fabric than stitching it to a pouch?

A pouch; an old-fashioned wallet, as I saw in India, or a safety pocket, an enclosed space to store precious items. Being it keys to your safety box, your house or your stash of tabacco, it is stored away neatly and quick to locate, like the pocket in your trousers.

pouch india

Being on the road for many years, traveling as a nomadic one, I felt the need for the few items I owned to be stored away as beautiful as possible.

Beautiful because the mind needs beauty, especially when surroundings change constantly, when there is no house to call your home. The need to establish a base arises, and being surrounded by the few items you daily unpack, there is than suddenly a homely atmosphere.

My home is was were I felt comfortable and at home. Some carry a stuffed animal, others photographs. I choose pouches, to store my few precious goods. Just like nomadic tribes do.

A pouch is practical, therefore it better be good to look at. A pouch can be as well an artful creation and yet keeping its practicality.

Travel & food: a happy marriage

The beauty of growing (part of) your own food is more than just healthy, it is beauty to the eye and rapture to the senses. It is hard work too. A visual reconnection with traveling the world because food is life.

Nettle syrup

Nettle syrup is SO delicious that you just want to drink cold drinks. For a teetotaler this is a nice change in hot sweaty summer days

Nettle leaf powder

I seek for plant parts with which I can dye and where I can make delicious recipes with. Nettle, the weed we all know, is one of them.

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Posts about natural dyeing, my outdoor activities, searching and multiple usage of plants and roots

About CyclingCindy, 5 years cycling the world

The elderly woman on the photo is an image coming from voluntary work I did on one of my extended backpack travels. Another work I did for the small, local organization in my hometown in the Netherlands, Focus on Education, can be read in the post ‘A peek behind women in disadvantaged situations‘ (‘untouchables’ carrying poop out of public toilets). Although these two posts have nothing to do with the pouches I make and sell, the experiences over the years made me realize, learn and see. And those two particular visits made a huge impact on me.

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