I will be very happy with your review when you bought a pouch. But also will I be thankful for feedback: what can I do better or what should I consider.

Fellow cyclists/travellers

Social media is a strange beast! For years we follow each other, sometimes ‘like’, sometimes pass by, and often just stop following as time passes. But occasionally a connection is made and our lives are enriched, and indeed changed. For years now your posts, and at times quirky photos @cindy.beringer.servranckx have appeared on my social media feeds and inbox, and without exception I’ve felt blessed, enriched and sometimes challenged by them. There is no better gift one person can give another than this, and becoming the next custodian of this beautiful creation has filled me with such joy, contentment and a washing of peace as the scent of India comes from it. I’ve felt as if I’ve been riding a huge rollercoaster over the last couple of years, ignoring the obvious negative aspects, as time and again I rode the waves in complete joy. You, in your atelier, have been a huge part of that, and of strengthening my love and connection with my wife.


‘Can’t wait to see them,’ text Alan, who got 4 embroidered pieces in two orders. ‘We are going to use them in our Motorhome and on our travels out west.

I got your package about 3 days ago and haven’t opened it yet. I want it to be something to share with my wife who comes home today.



Not a review, but messages about payment other than Paypal. With a bit more effort, transfering money by internet banking goes just as well (IBAN NL94 RABO 0150 6322 82). Here are a few examples

I’m about to manually transfer money for the beautiful handiwork. I don’t have Paypal so I’ll do it manually. Love your work!


I tried to install Paypal, although I never use it to transfer money, but then I got a message from Paypal saying that I already have an account. They asked for a password which I don’t remember. I will send it by internet banking instead.


I just transferred 45 euros to you for the beautiful pillow. I’m so clumsy digitally but I really want to buy this pillow.


Fellow cyclists/travellers and lovely others

I bought a pouch on the cyclingsite of Cindy, long before she created this new site. I loved that pouch so much from the very first moment I saw it that I simply had to have it. And she made one extra on my special demand, to store my gps in. How nice can a present be! Pouches like these are a joy forever. Strongly recommended if you are looking for a unique pouch.


Dear Cindy, I love your bag very much and use it for my yoga lessons. And your website has become beautiful!


I have seen all the pouches myself. ALL of them are of high standard and beautifully done. Cindy put a lot of time, effort and love into her artwork. I confess, that I am not fully objective, but it is still the truth!

Geo (my beloved husband)

Your parcel arrived. Such a beautiful little pouch, I’m really happy. So wonderfully sewn and embroidered! And it also smells so good : )


The pouches are doing very well (despite that I am always travelling, and therefor, they are). So their quality is excellent.


Dear Cindy, the pouch I got from you is not just unique, beautiful and amazing artwork, it is also of great quality! Oh… how I wish I was as creative as you are! Keep up the great work Cindy! You are one of a kind!


Your pouch arrived today. What a beautiful piece of artwork? I love it! I think this one will discover some mountains.


A parcel from Hungary, carefully and beautifully wrapped. Handmade by Cindy. So happy with! A pillow for at home and to take with me traveling.


The story behind a pouch

I started to write short stories on how certain pieces of embroidered fabrics came about. The places where they are made are spectacular in its own right. Think the barren high altitude of the Andes, the lonesome desert in Chile, the Mennonite community in Paraguay or the shady forests in Hungary with deer passing at my camp spots. Some of the pouches sold have a link to ‘The story behind the pouch’.

The pouch arrived quickly…It’s beautiful and the package itself is a piece of art. Thank you! Good luck with your travels and artwork.


I like the pouch very, very much! Thank you! The stamp was the second wonderful surprise. The first was the smell about incense sticks or something similar.


Ik ken Cindy al heel mijn leven (ze is mijn zus) en ze is altijd al onwijs creatief geweest, om jaloers op te zijn, zo handig met verf, kwast, naald en draad… het geduld dat ze er voor kan nemen!
Dat zie je ook terug in haar creaties, kwaliteit en creativiteit, anders dan anders, kleurrijk met een verhaal achter de stofjes. Ben heel blij met mijn ‘tasje’, stofje uit Peru, borduurtechniek uit Lima en rits uit Afrika (kan ook uit andere landen zijn maar weet het zo even niet uit mijn hoofd : ) Handig en mooi!

Charlotte (my sister)

Hi dear Cindy, I got the pouch yesterday!!! I’ll take a photo with the camera tomorrow for you to see how perfectly it matches with my mobile! I’m really happy with the pouch, thank you so so much!!

Ursula (bought a second pouch)

I ordered two of your beautiful pouches. I love the little yellow one very much and it is always by my side. For me your pouches are like little treasures, with all energy of your fine embroidery!

Judith (who ordered two more after the first)

I just recieved my pouch Croatia. I was already looking at it for a while. It attracted very much my attention. The photo on the website was very realistic so it didn’t disapoint me when receiving it. I buy only few things but this pouch felt as a must have piece of art made by Cindy as a person. That gives it an extra dimension. I love the way you produce your embroidery with things you find in nature. The way you have discovered new stitches while traveling. And finally, it’s all very beautiful.

I have read the post about the pouch Croatia and the circumstances in which it is made. This makes the pouch even more a treasure to me. It reminds me very much of my own cycling trip to the Balkans last year which ended earlier then I had in mind. When I came back a good friend fell very sick, cancer, and died about 6 weeks later after an intense period of taking care. Was it a coincidence that I came back earlier? At that time I didn’t know that he was sick. Is it a coincidence that this pouch with this story connected to it, attracted me?
Well, when someone reads this review: read the blog-post about pouch Croatia!


I’m so happy that I get to own this beautiful piece of art. Thank you for making beautiful things and writing wonderful and inspiring content.


I ordered 2 items, I loved the colors and just the idea behind your work. Something made by hand has so much more value to me. It’s like an act of love that you give away.


I’ve been inspired by Cindy’s beautiful and pure writings and by her journeys. During these amazing trips she creates unique pouches (handmade embroidery) with each their own story and material. Really very special an beautiful. Thanks Cindy, the pouch is great. And, it smells good too. 


These wonderful pouches came directly from @cinderellaservranckx @cindyneedleart from Hungary. Look these amazing work- I’m so proud to own them now. Especially when I read in her nice letter, that cindy wanted to keep the orange to herself… Look how stunning exactly and precise her work is. And every pouch has its little story from all over the world. Thank you, Cindy!


My pouch arrived yesterday and I love it even more in person. The work you’ve done is just amazing. Photographs didn’t do it justice. Meghan

Thank you for taking your time to send me a review : )