The life of Pi(llow)

The movie I saw on an airplane after the book I red in India. I liked both. My husband did not. But my imagination is big and I love to escape in my own world, so it fitted me. The same with this pillow, this little write up is about the life of this Pi(llow). … Continue reading The life of Pi(llow)

Fabricated forest

Living the simple life, far off and working the land hard needs to be counterbalanced. What's better than a tour by own powered strenght and... embroidery. Here, 'Fabricated forest' was made.

Pouch Willhopper Road

A certain technique, a certain stitch, a certain weirdness about the time we were in (read Covid) was what it took to get this pouch done (even quickly so). My husband and I were so-called hobo’s, vagabonds, homeless. Our dwellings were in the woods of Florida. Our neighborhood consisted of a Health Park for the … Continue reading Pouch Willhopper Road

Shisha Mirror Embroidery

Shisha Spiegel Borduren Deze werkwijze heb ik toegepast op een buideltasje voor wereldse fietsers, juist: een model voor mijzelf. Een handig beetje hippie modelletje. Jammer dat ik lukraak begonnen ben met shisha spiegelwerk en er vanzelf een ontwerp ontstond waarvan ik achteraf zie dat er niet over nagedacht is. Dat moet anders. Ik kan nog … Continue reading Shisha Mirror Embroidery