The 4 R’s stand for reusing, recycling, reducing and rethinking.

The first R: recycling. From embroidering while cycling the world, using materials I found along the road, I now continue being mindful. I try minimizing buying new fabrics (although this is not possible when my own stack dwindles) and mostly use discarded garments as a lining for the pouches.

The second R: reusing. Now that my husband and I (or, rather, only me) are running a vegetable garden there is a heavenly lack of plastic. Though, some plastic still comes our way, and that I try to reuse. The wrappings I use to send your pouch, are not new. The plastic in which your pouch arrives at your postbox or doorstep, are used. Even the box I might need to use to send the product in has been send to us before and is now used again. The envelopes, on the other hand, are new.

The third R: reducing. I try not to save the world, I try not frantically to make people aware of the state where our, often senseless, consumerism is at: that is all an impossibility. It simply makes me feel better when I am more aware of simple facts: the source, the person, the profits. When I traveled the world, particularly the cycling part, I bought only the sheer necessities and when I did buy something new, something else had to go (if it did not already fall apart).

The fourth R: rethinking. Everything I want to buy is written on a piece of (reused) paper and a few weeks later I reconsider whether I still need it. This way less is bought, something I do not advice you when it comes to considering buying a pouch I made ; )

Don't just stop here, I appreciate your thoughts too : )

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