Finished: Pouch made from Animal Hairs

The finished pouch Paraguayan Pride. It was a pleasure working on it. I did so in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia. I finished it in Argentina and always worked on it in stealthy camp spots. That's why it is a bit dirty. But I think that only ads to the artwork of a contemporary nomad. The … Continue reading Finished: Pouch made from Animal Hairs

Paraguayan Pouch made of Animal Hairs

Nomadicreation hasn’t sit still. In fact, I am cycling the South American continent. When cycling is your daily task there’s little time for embroidering, but because I need to be creative, I started something. I did so right away in Brazil where I was inspired by the leaves of the bamboo bushes. I would often … Continue reading Paraguayan Pouch made of Animal Hairs

The Start

Meaningful. A positive effect. Balance. Sustainability. These few words floated through my mind when I was cycling in India, in 2014. I had come from Oman by plane, landed in Cochin and moved on my own power towards the Himalaya. Cycling in India as a woman on your own in summer is hard. Time enough … Continue reading The Start