What’s special?

Original. Only one. Handmade. Natural dyed. Exact measure.

A couple of years ago I would not be too happy when someone asked me to create a pouch according their wishes or measurements. I would accept the task asked of me but saw no challenge in it other than forced creativity.

That has changed. Now I noticed how I feel challenged and even a little bit excited to work on something that is not entirely free style, that is not leading to a shape as it wants to go.

Usually my pouches are leading their own way, becoming something that I can not foresee.

A few years ago, when someone asked me to create her a phone pouch I gladly took the challenge since the measurements of pouches that fit a phone are usually what I make. The challenge was to find fabric, yarn and especially a design that the woman who wanted me to create her a pouch would come to like.

Recently, someone asked me to make her a pouch for a flute. Well, that is a whole different cookie, one I never had before. I felt an immediate creative excitement and bolted into action. The risk is always that someone does not like the pattern I embroider and I do not want someone to buy something that they don’t like so my policy is: no obligation.

My way


Contact me (form below, Instagram or Facebook), what you would like, (include measurements and/or colors) and let us see what it brings.


When you like it, you buy it. Because tastes are individual and free choices are sure to make things more difficult.


I want things to be finished as soon as I start them but I don’t work with strict time limitations.


You can pay via Paypal or bank account

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Let’s bring about something original.