Your support is so very valuable to me. Not because I want to accumulate money. No… if I wanted to do that, I would certainly not put effort into selling my embroidered items. I am grateful because of the appreciation you show me, whether in words, purchases or, like now, a donation. Truly a lot of effort goes into creating the pouches and it all started out with me cycling the world and the need to be creative. My motto became this:

Active and Creative came together. The mind wanted Beauty and Usefulness. These 4 are combined in the pouches I embroider.

Now I do not cycle the world anymore and are much more bound to a self sustainable lifestyle, the need to have an outlet for my creativity stays. The old fashioned ways, the slow steps and repetitive movements of seeing a piece of fabric transformed is a wonderful one.

From natural uncolored textile I move to a colorful one, dyed by hand with nature’s materials. From an empty canvas I travel towards a wrought one. Often this is done while I am journeying with my kickbike, from one camp spot to another. Because my embroidery stays true to the initial need to be creative while soaking in the abundance of our natural beauty.

I again thank you for your donation.

In case you hit this page without donating, you may consider doing so.

Reviews of others
My atelier
How it started
Edible dye material
Sumac is a spice much like lemon, and also used to dye with.

Don't just stop here, I appreciate your thoughts too : )

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