And off they are…

Update August 2020: Yippie! I am able to send the pouches of your choice. Read this post and be updated.

Update May 2020: I am back in Europe, and can send the pouch of your choice very soon. Read this post first and be up to date.

Starting from the end of October 2019


This means I am NOT ABLE to send pouches out to you.

I am sorry…

To have peace of mind and not bother someone else nor having to worry whether parcels be send out the way I want it to, I decided to pause here.

You CAN order but I am only able to send out the pouch much later. When you do order, I will remove the item as soon as possible from the ‘shop’. I will also send you a message so that you know I am aware of your order.

‘As soon as I can’ means when ever I have internet connection.

My husband and I are going to travel again, we are going back to where Geo and I met, South America. For who ever is interested, I keep my eyes open to new embroidery techniques, artists who I think need some extra attention, and as usual, our adventures to read on








2 thoughts on “And off they are…

  1. Hee Cindy,

    I recognize your thoughts. I am a fulltime bicycle traveller for 2+ years now and I also can’t live inside anymore. Actually I never could.

    Sometimes I take a hotelroom to explore a town. I can hardly sleep then since it always is to hot in there. If I turn on the fan or airco I get a cold. That never happens by the real outdoor wind. There simply is no real world inside anywhere …

    If I am bicycling I never have any problem with “the climate”. As I always say I was born 10C wrong. I like the heat and hate the warmth. At 52C on the tarmac in Morocco I had no problem.

    An outdoor type will never feel comfty inside (anymore) … So don’t worry, that’s normal !

    Have a nice time in South America ! Just remove the windows and doors …


    (And the pouches are doing so well. I like them a lot, they are so beautiful)

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    1. Hi Wilfried,

      Nice to see you here. I was already wondering about you ; )

      I am glad to hear that the pouches are holding up well and that they stay beautiful. I made them without a machine. So it is good to hear that the inside stitches, which hold the sides together, are strong enough.

      But then again, in the old days, they did not use a machine either.

      By the way, we are not going with the truck to South America. We have the Kenton waiting for us, a motorbike. In between rides I want to walk a lot. Its our plan that when Geo rides from A to B, I will walk.

      Much greetings,


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