New on this page and want to know about the step-by-step process of dyeing cotton? Dyeing with nature.

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As a beginner I thought dandelions would be an easy trial. Not that I am overly fond of a yellow color but since the ground we are at is covered in dandelions, and since I dig the roots for dandelion root coffee, I thought dyeing with dandelion is at least more authentic to where I am from (the Netherlands) than dyeing with turmeric. This was the first time I used the correct mordant for cotton: aluminium acetate, go to this page to have the correct step-by-step process).

The effect on the hemp/cotton piece of fabric became a deep bold yellow. Pouch Gujarat is dyed with dandelion (sold).

I picked the blooming leaves in the middle of April. The weight of my piece of cotton was 100 gram and dandelion leaves was double, 200 gram.


Llama inspired on the pompoms llama’s wear in the high Andes of Argentiina and Bolivia.

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