How does a new design come to life?

Well, the house we live in has a garage which I transformed to a workplace. With two large doors on supports I have a nice surface to work on.

0073 Picsart

The view is spectacular, yet I must avoid the house in order to stay balanced. I simply can not handle to live in a house for longer than 5 days. After having been 5 years on the road with a bicycle and tent, I prefer the truck to be in.

1-DSC_1015 Picassa

1-DSC_0228-001 Picsart

Now that I am staying put for a little over a year I had time to get more serious with something that started as a necessary means of creative release while cycling.


With time and stable internet connection I furbished up the weblog. I made new photo’s, including the pouches I made from animal hair on my cycling trip through South America.


I had patience to design and find out how to create a logo.


I managed to make my own tags to stitch in the pouches.


Call it a certain condition, but I love to be creative and there’s a need to do it good.

Then, I even had time to find out more about contemporary embroidery artists and found a book online which I ordered. I then started to actually learn certain stitches. Up to now I only knew a few basic ones.

At Cowboy's patch

With new stitches to practice and already knowing what I wanted, I started. You see, when traveling is a way of life, ideas naturally take a different direction.



This design came about when I was cycling in the heavy rains in Guinea, Africa. Although a bicycle set-up is waterproof, there comes a moment that it is wise to secure bank notes and credit cards a bit better. So, I took them out of the bag, wrapped them in plastic and stowed them in my sports bra.


After the rain had stopped, I noticed this manner of storing your money is a better way than in a bicycle bag. This is how many women around the world store their money also, grabbing it out of their decollete. It’s save. No one will grab it from you and I noticed: it stays there, right between the bra and your bosom.

1-DSC_0260-001 picsart

Soon I made a fabric pouch to relieve me from the plastic against my breast. Later, in Patagonia, Argentina, I embroidered an indigenous motive on a piece of textile and added a drawstring to secure my financial needs.


Bending, moving, running, jumping, cycling. I shove the pouch in sport and normal bra’s. Unless you wear very tight, synthetic elastic shirts, you won’t see it.

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