Back from South America

Our travel has come to an end: from our home in Spain to South America, on to USA and, not according plan, back to Germany. That is where I am now.

Our new little -very little- contemporary home.

Unfortunately, its still a bother to get to Spain, where all the pouches are stored.

In the Pacific ocean near Paracas, Peru

Stitching in the woods of Florida

For you all who have ordered a pouch or is about to, I can not send them out yet.

Near Puchuldiza, high up in the Andes of Chile

Detail of ao po'i, a stitch learned in Paraguay

During Corona in the USA, waiting, waiting waiting for a flight

Stitching flat and small stones on to silk cotton
However, patience is needed before the European borders open and will I be able to fetch my sewing machine.

Small flat stones found along the coast in Spain

In the woods of Florida

Drawing a pattern with the few possibilities I have

The sun, a fire, embroidery and a chai. No need to have more to be happy.

Yet, more time before I can stitch the new embroidered fabrics into pouches.

Couching and sheesha

Applying a new design in the jungle of Peru

Ao po'i design as learned in Paraguay

As promised, first thing, as soon as I set foot in Spain, I run to where my little atelier is stowed and send the pouches out.

Near Salar de Surire, a most magical spot high in the Andes of Chile.

Small Adria caravan under a full moon

Until then, stay sane. Switch off the television and be creative.

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