Nature is slow, and so am I

Over the years I transformed from a traveler going from city to city to one who’s avoiding them. Simply because cities are stressful, where nature is powerful. I guess age has to do with it as well?

At the coast of Peru

2013 United Arab Emirates

Pretty sure age has to do with is, since I started to embroider in nature. You need a decent amount of calmness and patience to pull a needle through a piece of fabric, or perhaps tiredness has to do with it?

Tupiza, Bolivia

Ao po"i, a technique from Paraguay with beads and liner out of my own collection
Go to pouch Paraguay Green

Because I started to embroider while I was solo touring the world on a bicycle and I continue to do so while sitting on the back of my husband’s Paraguayan motorbike.

Together on the altiplano, in for adventure

Simple design, entirely made without sewing machine
Go to Pouch Paraguay Chaco

By now, I can not stand to be in a city, surrounded by energies buzzing around my ears, entering my brain and sit in my mind.

Trowing a pouch in the air, one I found the day before in an abandoned house along the route

I took a shell from the ocean as pattern, and old clothes as material

No embroidered work but the start of pouches nevertheless
Pouch Pakistan Rawalpindi

Although trying to avoid fast modes of transport I red this in the airplane towards Paraguay, and could not agree more:

Coastline of Peru

Started out as a test work but it was good so I made it into a pouch
Wallet Paraguay Pink

The world moves at a faster pace than ever

But to many of us it looks like we are nowhere going fast

Fast is downing a double espresso while rushing to work

Fast has us watching five seasons of a show on Netflix in one gulp

Fast has made the week speed by because we were too busy to stop and look around

Fast isn’t forward

We’re from the slow country

We have a different pace of life

Slow is smart

Slow is a skill

Slow is progress

Pause more, live more

Stunning Ecuador track

Toiletry bag
Toiletry bag

I think our bodies are made to be used, rather toil the soil than to sit in office. Our minds are invented to be in nature, not between walls all day.

An unforeseen work out in the high desert of Bolivia

Organizing threads

Fabric from the border of Thailand and Myanmar
Go to pouch Myanmar

Nature is important for our brains. The feeling of absorption is total and wholesome when we are in nature.

Atacama desert never fails to host-001

Entirely decorated with animal hairs found on dead road kill examples through South America

A moderate sky, but so extremely beautiful

Inspired by Pakistan, a valley I lived some time
Pouch Pakistan Brun

A sky full of stars let me feel that I exist, that I am alive. All else falls quiet by witnessing dots of light against a dark indigo sky. The silence is everywhere. Around me, in my head and in my ears. Everything is being omitted; worries, dreams, thoughts, fears, hope, wishes, things, hassle.

Monkey Puzzle tree, and my tent below them

Money pouches to fit in your bra, or somewhere else, of course.

Here I sleep

The woods, where sitting in utterly contentment, I see men trotting through the forest. Men from a city, elegant, straight backs, in a confident manner they move in a backwash. All dressed in a dark trench-coat; it are deer on their way to the creek right behind us. Not very special when you let your thoughts deepen, but in times of Corona where everyone needs to stay inside, I think it wondrous to have this freedom. For the fourth week our live is outside, in a bubble of comfort and insights. We are all marionettes, so far evolved -a thought we love to address to ourselves- that we have become totally dependent to the hands that moves us. Like deer, we are in search among buildings, we seek that what feed us.


1-DSC_0288 picsart

Atacama, you love it or you think not much of it

img 4
Pillow stuffed with dried grass

Walls have the tendency to keep one inside. To have us do tasks and jobs and undertakings which can not wait. Inside is making the brain busy and occupied.

Openness on the roads of Argentina


Patagonia in Argentina

A Paraguayan technique with a lining from Myanmar
Pouch Paraguay

Nature provides with openness, possibilities, creativity and silence.

Quiet spot to embroider and contemplate, the best things to do early morning

go to Money Pouch Calp Multi

The silence. When you think of it, can you answer to yourself when it was truly quiet? No sound is absence of any noise and that is rare. No television while eating breakfast in a hotel or restaurant. No radio. No voices. No humming of any machine, refrigerator, air conditioning unit nor redundant string cutter, leaf blower, washing machine. It is so quiet that a needle pulled through a piece of fabric can be heard.

Atacama desert

Tool wrap
Tool Bag


3 thoughts on “Nature is slow, and so am I

  1. In this time of COVID, reading this and seeing these pictures, your surroundings and your Art gave me PEACE I have not felt in such a long time. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now, Elizabeth, thát is a fantastic compliment. Thank you so much! I will post more of such pictures and surroundings, as yesterday I was inspired by the movie Lion, and it’s beautiful narural intro. I like to show where and how I come to what I make, and if someone is touched by it, well… that is wonderful. Thank you ❤


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