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Goldenrod gives a very deep yellow, almost like a rich ochre. I loved the color and tried it on a few different sort of cottons.

Go to this page to have the correct step-by-step process. I try to have a dye bath without stalks nor leaves in it but did not chop the tiny flowers. I leave the cotton overnight in the dye bath.

I picked the flowers in August. I pick a lot more flowers than seems to be necessary. I use pieces of scoured cotton fabric which weigh (less than) 100 gram.

Travel & food: a happy marriage

The beauty of growing (part of) your own food is more than just healthy, it is beauty to the eye and rapture to the senses. It is hard work too. A visual reconnection with traveling the world because food is life.

Nettle syrup

Nettle syrup is SO delicious that you just want to drink cold drinks. For a teetotaler this is a nice change in hot sweaty summer days

Nettle leaf powder

I seek for plant parts with which I can dye and where I can make delicious recipes with. Nettle, the weed we all know, is one of them.

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