New on this page and want to know about the step-by-step process of dyeing cotton? Dyeing with nature

Would you like to know more about how to use carob or dandelion root? Keep updated to find out more. You can subscribe to my blog (see at the end of this post how to).

As a total beginner I tried my hands on black walnut since the ground where we are is covered with them. I used three pieces of different cotton but with the wrong sort of mordant (I used cream of tartar with alum and salt/vinegar. Go to this page to have the correct step-by-step process). After several trials and a second dye bath with much more black walnuts than the first dye bath, the effect on the hemp/cotton piece of fabric became marvelous.

I used a lot of black walnuts, and since I didn’t know what to use exactly, I had the pot filled to the brim with both peels and the cracked nuts.

I used the decaying black walnuts in early winter.

In trying out new designs for pouches, only one succeeded. I better stick to my usual approach: start with a random piece of fabric and take it from there.

Travel & food: a happy marriage

The beauty of growing (part of) your own food is more than just healthy, it is beauty to the eye and rapture to the senses. It is hard work too. A visual reconnection with traveling the world because food is life.

Nettle syrup

Nettle syrup is SO delicious that you just want to drink cold drinks. For a teetotaler this is a nice change in hot sweaty summer days

Nettle leaf powder

I seek for plant parts with which I can dye and where I can make delicious recipes with. Nettle, the weed we all know, is one of them.

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