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As a total beginner I tried my hands on black walnut since the ground where we are is covered with them. I used three pieces of different cotton but with the wrong sort of mordant (I used cream of tartar with alum and salt/vinegar. Go to this page to have the correct step-by-step process). After several trials and a second dye bath with much more black walnuts than the first dye bath, the effect on the hemp/cotton piece of fabric became marvelous.

Zipper pouch ‘Askew Black Walnut’ from € 20 now € 15

I used a lot of black walnuts, and since I didn’t know what to use exactly, I had the pot filled to the brim with both peels and the cracked nuts.

I used the decaying black walnuts in early winter.

A pillow filled with dried cleaver was dyed with black walnut (sold).


Llama inspired on the pompoms llama’s wear in the high Andes of Argentiina and Bolivia.

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