With a story behind the pouch

embroidery stitch


Measurement: each compartment is 15 x 16 centimeter/5.9 x 6.3 inch.

Total length of the pouch when opened is 34 centimeter/13.4 inch.

The inner pockets are separated by a stitch so that this pouch exists of two pockets facing each other.

There are 2 zippers, each measures 15 centimeter/5.9 inch.

Each green stitch measuring a centimeter is quilted by hand to prevent forming a hook.

hand dyed with

black walnut

Fabric: the outside is cotton, whereas the lining is a mixture of 60% and 40% synthetic.

Yarn: cotton

Care: the cotton is prepared in such a way that it keeps the color when you hand-wash the pouch. Do not dry it in direct sunlight, as sunlight always fades colors.

Enclosed with ‘The story behind the pouch

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