Now with ‘The Story Behind the Pouch

Measurement: 10 x 19 cm/ 3.93 x 7.48 inch

Technique: straight stitch and running stitch with inside a broken chain stitch along the zipper and lining.

Fabrics: silk/hemp cotton for the outside and a blue cotton mixture for the inside. I have dyed the outer fabric with kurkuma but not mordanted the fabric (which means the soft yellow color will fade while washing). This pouch is padded for protection and could be used for a pair of sunglasses or to store your phone.

Inspiration: a technique learned in Paraguay (ao po’i) but embroidered in a different way as this fabric does not have a very open weave structure. Ao po’i needs an open structure to count the stitches, I stitched free style in the same pattern as the original technique.

Reserved Price: € 35 price includes shipping