Oeps! There is very little mentioned here. Did I think I was good at embroidering, I need to think again. I am a beginner in this form of art, although I embroidered much! Time to start collecting the local techniques.

On my travels I am on the look out for new techniques and they will appear here. The link will direct you to a blogpost where I go more into detail about what I learned and experienced.

Paraguay: Ao po’i

These are the stitches I practised as of now, without really being aware that some of them had actual names.

Cerrito stitch: learned in Paraguay, ao po’i

Chain stitch: drawstring pouch

Cross stitch: a pillow  stuffed with grass and original fabric Myanmar, zipper pouch,

Feather stitch: money pouch

Mirror application/shisha: an Afghan inspired wallet

Mondongo (Ao po’i from Paraguay): Wallets, flat wallet

Roman chain stitch: money pouch

Romanian couching, or derived from this stitch: slip-in pouch, little money pouch

Seeding: Fig leaf pattern

Wave stitch filling: money pouch

Uncategorized stitches: learned in Pakistan, sort of cross stitch, another one I learned in Pakistan, sort of couching

Unknown stitches: learned in Paraguay, ao po’i example 1

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