With a story behind the pouch

The making of this pouch appears in one of my blogposts, Beyond the Drava. In a short write up ‘the story behind the pouch’ you read how this pouch came about.

embroidery stitch

stacked arrowhead/double satin

Measurement: 17.5 x 21 centimeter/6.9 x 8.3 inch.

Zipper pull: 25 centimeter/10 inch.

hand dyed with

robinia bark

Fabric: outside is cotton. Lining is mixed cotton. Lining has purposely stitched through borders, these are some of the stitches of the beads.

Zipper: lined with bias tape and stacked with catch stitch.

Yarn: main yarn unknown, the colored lines are cotton. Beads: glass

Care: the cotton is prepared in such a way that it keeps the color when you hand-wash the pouch. Do not dry it in direct sunlight, as sunlight always fades colors. Wash with much care!

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€ 42

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