With a story behind the pouch

An extensive story on how and where I got to learn this particular stitch (Paraguay, where I also learned my husband) and a story when I actually made this very pouch.

embroidery stitch

ao po’i

Measurement: 18 x 9 cm/9.84 x 5.9 inch.

This stitch does not run horizontally from one side to the other side but focuses on each tiny built up of the figure, half of the little mountain shape, ‘cerrito’. This stitch goes up to down, down back up. Each half exist of 6 stitches and makes a full little mountain upon return. Because the fabric is uneven and tightly woven, it makes for a difficult counting of each opening in the fine fabric.

natural hemp cotton

Fabric: heavy quality hemp cotton. The fabric ikat from Myanmar, which I bought on one of my travels, is used as a liner. Sturdy plastic zipper with a ribbon of the same fabric as the liner.

Yarn: a mixed composition that I bought in the embroidery capital of Paraguay, Yataity.

This was the most time consuming stitch but also the most beautiful in my opnion.

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€ 45

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€ 50

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The color most close to reality is top left photo.