Filling: pokeweed seeds

embroidery stitch


Measurement: 24.5 x 15.5 centimeter/9.6 x 6.11 inch.

The filling of the coaster consists of pokeweed seeds and has a feel like beach sand.

Weight: 150 gram.

Part of this pattern is known as ‘catpaw’ in the Japanese kogin style of embroidery.

hand dyed with

red elderberry

Fabric: the up side is cotton, the backside linen.

Yarn: cotton

Care: the cotton is prepared in such a way that it keeps the color when you hand-wash the pouch. Do not dry it in direct sunlight, as sunlight always fades colors.

In the same pattern is a slip-in pouch with inner sleeve made from fabric I’d bought in Cameroon € 30 and a wallet € 20

€ 5 (shipping costs) + € 30

€ 35

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When you’d like to donate extra € 5 (shipping costs) + € 35

€ 40

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