Materials used: rabbit and fox fur, hairs of goat, nutria and skunk, lama and sheep wool and birds and ostrich feathers

Dimension diameter: 34 cm./13.4 inch.

Inspiration: I used lake pebbles to form a pattern.

Fabrics used: a synthetic mixture which probably was a roadside memorial flag, partly bleached by the sun. As a lining a cotton mixture.

Hairs used: fur of rabbits and fox, hair of goat, nutria and skunk, lama and sheep wool, and the feathers of birds and ostrich.

Price: € 100 price includes shipping

This pouch I made while cycle touring South America (see more in ‘The story behind the pouch’) and is purposely expensive. This I did to discourage you from buying them, but of course, I also welcome you to just purchase them : )

This pouch is made with natural findings. Although I made them to last and they can handle quite a bit, they are not meant to slide in and out your bag on an everyday use. They are more meant to lay at a certain place and cast your eyes on every time you pass by, besides when you use them. They would do well to hold items you treasure. While my motto is ‘what I see must be beautiful to the eyes but practical as well’, these pouches are more leaning towards the first structure of the sentence.

This pouch is entirely made by hand, no sewing machine was used.