With a ‘Story behind the pouch’

There’s not a specific story behind the pouch, though this write up pretty much tells how this pouch came about.

Measurement: 14 x 19.5 cm/5.5 x 7.6 inch. Zipper measures 13 cm/5.1 inch.

Technique: kogin.

Fabrics: embroidery cotton which I dyed with black walnut. As a lining a yellow discarded pair of trouser from a wool blend (60%). The pair of trousers wasn’t often used as it hardly shows signs of wear. Yarn is cotton

Inspiration: my own design in the Japanese kogin technique. I wanted to see more of the dyed fabric and therefor choose a light pattern to weave through.

Care: the brown cotton is prepared in such a way that it keeps the color when you hand-wash the pouch. Do not dry it out in the direct sunlight, as sunlight always fades colors.

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