Always on the look-out for materials I can use in my embroidery. It can be hay to use as a filling, though the art of pillow making is not my focus right now (yet, it might come as I would like to learn the way people in India make mattresses with a hay filling). I have worked with animal hairs, furs and feathers (it was my main focus when I cycled South America). Spiderweb and stones make for beautiful patterns too, although I would like to try more so that I can make more interesting designs (a first is not always the best but you know how it goes: nature has so much to offer that I want to try everything interesting, forgetting the previous inspiration). As I collected old fashion from the East I am inspired by seeds and shells while bug wings are waiting to be used as well…


Grass cutted and plucked in Spain and dried for several weeks in the sun. I made a blogpost about the pillow made with grass, ‘The story behind the pillow’. Check it out in the shop.

Cacti needle

Cacti needles from Paraguay, cut from these beautiful, impressive plants in the dry Chaco. I wrote a post about the travel and deriving of the needles. The pouches are for sale but I made them very expensive as to discourage you from buying (though you are more than welcome to do so). To go to the shop, scroll down at Embroidering with animal hair.

Rabbit- and fox fur, goat-, skunk- and nutria hair, lama and sheep wool, bird- and ostrich feathers

From the high Andes to the sweltering humid plains, I collected feathers, fur, hair and wool found on the road, in the ditches and on the altiplano while I cycled through South America. Again, all these pouches are for sale, at a high price to discourage you, yet, you are welcome to purchase them here.

Wild boar hairs

A rather rare finding came my way in Paraguay: hairs cut from a boar hide. I wrote an interesting blogpost about how I got these bore hairs, while I stayed a week at a military camp at the border with Bolivia. Discouraging you from buying, yet hoping you might, here’s the shop link with an extensive story, scroll down for the shop.


I got this remarkable material from Paraguay, while I was connected to my husband-to-be (shop), presented to me by Alan, a Paraguayan young fellow. Here’s the ‘Story behind the pouch‘ to read.


These little round stones seemed perfect to work with, I picked them at the coast of Spain. Here’s the making of the pouch where I used the pebbles: ‘The story behind the pouch’. Check it out in the shop.

Pod seeds

Tree seeds found in the Amazon forest of Peru, they are locally called wairuru. They, and those of the carob, are waiting to be used still.


Wings of bugs (they have to be used still). Some bugs found in Ecuador, others in Europe and I am still collecting them, careful as not to pick the ones who are not dead but sort of sleeping.

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